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New York City Ends Vaccine Mandate For Private Sector, Not Municipal Workers

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced that vaccine mandates for the city will come to an end on November 1st. However, there is just one small catch. Vaccine mandates will only come to an end for private sector workers and student-athletes. This rule change does not apply to municipal workers who must still be vaccinated. This announcement comes after months (and years) of controversy over the whole vaccine issue in New York City.

It is not quite clear why municipal workers are required to be vaccinated while everyone else in the city does not have the same rule apply to them. Maybe the reason why is because of pending legal issues. About 1,750 NYC city workers were fired due to a lack of vaccination. Many of these people are seeking legal action against the city due to what essentially amounts to discrimination. So if the vaccine mandate is lifted on them, that may cause complications legally. This is clearly a decision not made in science but made for legal reasons.

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Brooklyn Nets star player Kyrie Irving chimed in the decision. He was caught up in controversy in the past NBA season due to his refusal to get vaccinated. As a New York City worker, he was unable to play for the team (for a while) due to his status. At first, he was not able to enter the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn at all. Then, he was able to enter but he could not actually play in the actual game. He could sit on the sideline, though. After the season had progressed about 2/3 of the way, New York City gave an exception for athletes and entertainers in the city. Private workers and municipal employees were still required to be vaccinated.

Kyrie stated on Twitter that everyone should have the right to work in the city if he has to work. This is simply a logical and common sense thing to say. The current rules in New York City are not at all based on science and it appears like they never have been. Big Government is not known for running efficiently or intelligently. Wether that be on the local or national level.


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  1. Adams is such a tool. and a racist one at that. obvs his days are numbered and hes lapping up the spotlight and offshore banking the cash for his getaway. its what we are seeing in every city around america that has a black “leader”. I look forward to the day he is busted for corruption and put in prison where he belongs with the rest of his racist scum cronies.

  2. @jason its no coincidence the worst cities in our country have black mayors and police chiefs. Worst murder and crime rates, some are actually nearing the worst in the entire world. New Orleans, St Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, NYC… the list goes on. Obama? Harris? You had your chance and blew it. We are where we are today because of you. Black people have proven time and again they’re unqualified and incapable of properly running anything in this country.


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