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NYC School Gives White Parents RACIST “8 White Identities” Chart!

East Side Community School in New York City gave white parents a chart called “8 White Identities.” The chart was a half circle with eight variations of “whiteness” that went from the extreme end of “white supremacist” to “white abolitionist”. The purpose of the chart was to show parents where they may rank on the list so they could convert themselves into the ultimate of white people – the white abolitionist.

Needless to say, some of the school’s parents reacted in a sheer uproar. The list is obviously racist and it seeks to paint white people as somehow inherently evil. So why would the school send it out? And are they teaching this rhetoric to the young, impressionable kids who attend East Side? The school responded to the wave of criticism from parents of the school’s students and outsiders reacting to news stories by saying that some of the school’s parents actually gave the list to the school.

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So, according to East Side, it was the parents of kids in the school who initiated the dissemination of the letter. This points to a couple of problems. First, some of these kids have no chance. If the parents are sending racist lists like this to the school, then what could they possibly be learning at home? Second, the teachers have no principals or backbone because they are participating in the “woke” lessons by spreading the information to other households who did not request it.

The greater lesson here is that all of this points to a thing that President Trump spoke of, and that is “critical race theory.” CRT, as it is known as in the academia world, actively teaches against the idea of “whiteness” in an effort to create a more “equitable” society and workplace / school environment. All that it does is alienate people who understand that this is nothing more than brainwashing. With children, unfortunately, they may not have defense mechanisms set up to fight against this and the brainwashing may become successful.

Trump actually banned the practice of teaching Critical Race Theory in the Federal Government, but unfortunately Joe Biden reversed that via executive order. It may already be time to go ahead and reverse Biden’s reversal because if this practice is allowed to continue and grow, it will become a serious problem for the future of the country.

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