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Ohio Governor DeWine Offers Million-Dollar Raffle… For Vaccine Recipients Only

Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has come up with a very interesting program to incentivize residents of his state to get the vaccine. There will be two raffle-style drawings specifically for those who have gotten at least one version of the vaccine. The first raffle is for people under the age of 18. Up to five people will win an expense-free admission to the college of their choice in the state of Ohio. The next raffle is for adults. Up to five people will win a prize every week, including a prize of up to one million dollars. Mike DeWine has essentially turned proof of vaccination into a free lottery ticket.

DeWine made the incentive announcements during a television address. The Buckeye State Governor also spoke about relaxing virus restrictions to get the state back and up running at normal capacity. As of June 2nd, all health orders in the state will be lifted, with the exception of assisted-care and nursing home facilities. Businesses operating in the state of Ohio, such as Wal-Mart, are still able to make their own requirements. Vaccination sites for kids 12-15 will open immediately, as the Governor’s focus is to give everyone the ability to get vaccinated. Although that goal makes sense in the eyes of many, what may raise some eyebrows is the “raffle” method of incentivizing the vaccine.

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There is also the question of funding. DeWine clearly stated that funding for the raffle is coming from virus relief money. Former Ohio congressman Jim Renacci called the raffle plan “crazy and ridiculous.” This money is, of course, part of the print-and-spend that the Biden administration has done. Biden has another bill on the table that will print-and-spend another $4 trillion dollars, placing the United States further into debt. A vaccine raffle seems like an inappropriate way to spend virus relief money that probably shouldn’t be out in the wild anyway.


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  1. Absolutely insane! Any recipient of these vaccine lottery “winnings” should keep the money in a safe place for potential future medical expenses from the unknown long term effects of their experimental jab (i.e., you cannot sue any of these pharmaceutical companies if something goes wrong and all been subjected to expensive lawsuits for failed drugs in the past!!!) People need to research and use their heads!

  2. These people we’ve put in charge of our government throw these dollar figures around like they used to throw candy from parade floats. “It’s just a million dollars. No big deal.” I don’t know what their state budget is, but a million dollars is still a significant sum of money to just be throwing away on useless lotteries and other charity/incentive projects. If you got that kind of money just sitting around to the extent you have to figure out ways to spend it, how about cutting freaking taxes so the people can decide where best to use the money. Cut your spending back to just what you need to keep your state running and quit with this extravagant spending!

  3. Why are so many politicians bent on harming people with these “not real vaccines”. Some scientists like Dr. Yeardon predict millions of deaths in the future of “vaccine” recipients.


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