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Pickup Trucks “Vandalize” LGBT Flag Painted On The Ground, Police Involved

At least two different big pickup trucks (and a few bicycles) “vandalized” an LGBT flag mural painted on a Fort Lauderdale, Florida roadway. One truck, in particular, was captured on security camera footage “burning rubber” on the flag, making a series of skid marks. Men on bicycles rode on the street flag, making small streaks with their tires. Local LGBTQ leaders say that this action is pure hate and it is not tolerable. Police may charge those involved with criminal mischief.

While some people look at the burnout action on the road-painted flag as an act of hatred, others look at it as something else altogether. People who may identify as LGBT, or simply find themselves under that umbrella because of their sexual orientation, may not necessarily agree with the ideologies of extremists associated with them. An obvious example of extremism within LGBT is the movement to push this ideology onto children. Consenting, law-abiding adults should be able to do what they wish with one another. But when it comes to children, and those who do not wish to participate, they should be left alone. The LGBT flag has become a symbol of oppression and indoctrination to many instead of something that is “uplifting” for people who identify with the groups under the LGBT banner.

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Police search for subjects caught on camera vandalizing Fort Lauderdale pride mural – YouTube

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