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Popular Gen-Z Tik Tok Democrats Exposed As DNC Operatives

Harry Sisson and Chris Mowrey, two Gen-Z Tik Tok star Democrats, may have been exposed as paid DNC operatives. The two social media influencers have nearly one million followers combined on TikTok. Their videos also proliferate on Twitter and Instagram. Much of their content consists of videos of themselves parroting Democratic Party talking points such as left-wing stances on guns and climate. They also sing the praises of Joe Biden and the entire administration.

There is one key fact that these guys don’t speak much about, though. They are “managed” by a company called Palette Management. This group is funded to the tune of at least $210,000 by the DNC (Democratic National Committee). This is an important detail to mention because this means that they are indirectly funded by the Democratic Party. The two young men released a video saying that they are not paid by the DNC and that they do not work with them, but that video was quickly deleted.

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