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President Biden Losing Support Among Gen Z Voters

A recent poll conducted by NBC News shows that President Trump is leading young voters by a margin of four points in Wisconsin. Biden enjoyed a 20-point lead among this group just three years ago according to 2020 Presidential Election exit poll data. “Young voters” is the group of people between ages 18-34. This swath of population encompasses nearly equal parts Gen-Z and Millennials. Much of the population, without age concern, most likely voted for Biden out of party affiliation or an aversion to another four years of Donald Trump. Biden’s actual performance in the field has become apparent on the eve of another Presidential election and many 2020 Biden voters are not pleased.

NBC News says the issues cited by young voters as stumbling blocks for the Biden administration are the Israel/Hamas conflict, inaction on climate change, inaction on student loan debt, and the inability to stop Roe V. Wade from being struck down. Another NBC News poll says that 70% of young people disapprove of Biden’s handling of the Israel/Hamas conflict.

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There may be some dishonest journalism going on because there is also the obvious issue of a bad economy with crippling inflation. Young liberals have flooded social media platforms with videos of themselves frustrated about the lack of high-paying jobs. There is a lot of “failure to launch” among people who are approaching thirty years old, both male and female. Frustration over all of the aforementioned is often laid at the feet of President Joe Biden, and rightfully so.


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