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Pro-Life Activist Lila Rose Battles Pro-Abortionist On Dr. Phil

Pro-life activist Lila Rose made an appearance on Dr. Phil to explain her stance… and she did not disappoint. There are a few clips from the episode that stand out. A couple of them are covered in my video about the subject. The first one is of her having a back-and-forth “discussion” with a woman in the audience.

The woman in question does not appear to be pro-life at all. If there was any such thing as the polar opposite to Lila Rose, it could be this woman. She was furious and angry at Rose’s pro-life viewpoint. Rose, on the other hand, was calm and patient with the woman. She did not raise her voice or disrespect her at all. It was a master class in debate. Then, Dr. Phil stepped up to the plate and attempted to debate Rose on facts and figures. She presented irrefutable data to Dr. Phil that he essentially dismissed as unimportant while continuing to share his particular point of view.

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The episode was utterly one-sided with everyone who appeared on screen being pro-abortion with Lila Rose being the sole voice of dissent. However, she handled herself well. Comments online show that quite a few people’s minds were changed due to Rose framing the argument of abortion about protecting the lives of innocent, defenseless children.


Benny Johnson on Twitter: “Pro-Life mother SHUTS DOWN abortion-obsessed lib on  LIVE TV— Everyone left STUNNED into silence” / Twitter

Live Action on Twitter: “.@LilaGraceRose brings SCIENCE to Dr Phil: 96% of 5,577 biologists from 1,058 academic institutions affirmed that human’s life begins at fertilization “If it isn’t a human life in the womb, why do you have to kill it?” Science is crystal clear that life begins at fertilization” / Twitter

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