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Ron DeSantis In Trouble Over “Listless Vessels” Comment Aimed At Trump Supporters

Florida Governor and 2024 GOP Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis is facing trouble over his “listless vessels” remark. The comment was made during an interview with Will Witt and it was directed at some supporters of President Donald Trump. DeSantis was speaking about the conservative movement not being able to survive if it hinges on the whim of one person only. He said that people cannot be “listless vessels” that follow whatever happens on Donald Trump’s social media platform “Truth Social” every morning.

Some supporters of President Trump, and even some who do not support him, took offense to the comment. Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt said that he doesn’t even know what the term means, but he is still offended by it. For the record, “listless vessel” is a navy term that refers to an object in the water that does not have wind to turn it or “list” it so that it can move forward. This is a naval term that may be interpreted in the civilian world as applying to people who are unmotivated to go forward without one particular force to push them in a certain direction.

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