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San Francisco High School Says Abraham Lincoln Doesn’t Care About Black Lives

Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco, California is set to change its name due to the controversy over the history of the President it is named after. The district’s renaming committee stated that Lincoln did not demonstrate that “black lives mattered to him.” Aside from the obvious fact that by way of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, Lincoln freed the (black) slaves, critics say that his other policy initiatives were damaging to Native Americans.

A few years back there was a big movement to remove and/or destroy Confederate Monuments and Statues across the country. It was met with little resistance because Confederates are usually linked with a pro-slavery and pro-racist movement. The peak of the statue removal movement was so extreme that it reached the point of digging up dead Confederate generals like Nathan Bedford Forest. So once the insane apex of that particular movement was reached, it then became an effort to seek out anyone linked to the Confederacy and remove their names from buildings like schools.

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Several K-12 schools (and even some colleges) were affected by the Confederate “purge.” New York is attempting to pass a bill to make it illegal to purchase a Confederate flag. Amazon and WalMart already acquiesced to this type of pressure a few years back. An argument was presented to place Confederate regalia in a musem rather than have it celebrated in public streets. Then vandals began to destroy them before they could make it to a musem.

Since the amount of ways to purge the Confederacy from visible history started to wear thin, the next movement has become to remove anyone that progressive “leadership” or “committees” do not like.

A prime example here is George Washington. Yes, he is a founding father of the United States. Yes, he freed the British Colonies of North America from the Kingdom of Great Britain as a General in the American Revolution. Yes, there are several cities and a state named after him. But he was also a slave owner in the 1700s. And the new, hot thing to do is judge men from hundreds of years go on standards of today. For the sin of being a man of his time, George Washington’s likeness was removed from George Washington, University in Washington, DC.

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So now that the (white) men who owned slaves hundreds of years ago are being canceled and removed from society, the next step is to attack great men who are deemed to be flawed by progressive society. Abraham Lincoln literally freed the slaves as the first GOP/Republican President in American history and DIED as a result, but since he was behind the Homesteading Act and played a part in the Trail of Tears, then he must be canceled as well. At least, San Francisco thinks that way.

Honest Abe is not the last great man who achieved monumental things in Western Culture who will face this type of postmodern rebuke. A statue of Frederick Douglass, a black former slave, was vandalized and removed earlier this year. Maybe he didn’t tow the Democratic victimhood narrative line enough, so he has to go. It will only be a matter of time before the statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. is vandalized by the same progressives who shout about racism as the chief reason why they began tearing Confederate statues down to begin with.


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