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San Francisco Mayor London Breed Announces Crime Crackdown

San Francisco Mayor London Breed gave an impassioned speech against the recent uptick in the city’s crime rate. She says that there will be no more pacifying criminals and that all of the nonsense will come to an end. After the failed “defund the police” movement during the 2020 Presidential election (SF cut $120 million from their police) the Mayor says she will invest in more police officers. Breed has been the Mayor of SF since 2018. Many of the same things she said in this recent speech were also said by her shortly after assuming office.

San Francisco residents have heard it all before. Politicians promising to make change then coming up short on delivery. California is losing population at a rapid pace. So rapidly that they are actually losing representation in Congress. Los Angeles and San Francisco are hemorrhaging productive citizens due to the crime and cost of living. London Breed’s speech comes off more like a plea. And it may be too little too late. How long are citizens expected to suffer from homeless drug addicts turning the city into a dangerous third-world slum?

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  1. It’s basic human psychology. Reward a behavior, you’ll get more of that behavior. Sometimes I wonder how these people even manage to function in life, much less run a city government. I guess I see how they manage to “ruin” a city government. Then, they get re-elected. It’s a head-scratcher alright.

  2. More and more we see politicians that may have degrees but are under-educated in what used to be “common” sense. If she couldn’t foretell that crime would go up once you defund the police, she should not even be outside, much less running a city.


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