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Second Amendment Joke From Comedian Neal Brennan Goes Viral

Comedian Neal Brennan, formerly of the Chappelle Show, has gone viral over his Second Amendment joke. The clip is currently on fire over on TikTok and Twitter with millions of views in a short period of time. Brennan’s joke centered around the premise that he is not buying arguments from either side of the debate about guns. He mentions people who cite the Second Amendment as a reason why they are “hoarding” guns as sort of being unrealistic.

Brennan says that the whole thing about Americans being armed to protect themselves against a tyrannical Government may have made sense in the 1700s, but today is a different day. The comedian suggested there be an annual showdown between ten NRA members and two members of the military. Brennan structured his joke in a way that made it seem like the military would obliterate a random group of American citizens. However, Brennan appears to be missing a few pieces of context that would make his joke more realistic.

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The Tank on Twitter: “I find this hilarious but also pathetic. Pathetic, because even with all the knowledge in our finger tips, liberals refuse to learn much from history. 😂” / Twitter

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