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Senate Unanimously Reverses Relaxed “Fetterman Rule” Dress Code

The United States Senate has unanimously reversed the relaxed dress code Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently implemented. For over 200 years, the Senate had an “unwritten rule” that acted as a dress code for the Senate floor. Men were expected to wear suits and ties while women were expected to dress in “business casual.” Although the rule was unwritten, the sergeant at arms was tasked with enforcing it. There have been times when staffers were not allowed on the Senate floor due to improper attire.

Enter, John Fetterman. The newly-elected Senator decided to wear shorts and hoodies to the Senate floor. Apparently, the sergeant at arms did not enforce the dress code on Fetterman. Maybe this was because of Fetterman’s brain injury and documented mental challenges as a result of said injury. Whatever the reason for Fetterman being allowed to dress this ultra-casual way, Chuck Schumer directed the sergeant-at-arms to stop enforcing the dress code on Senators. The rule, however, still applied to staffers on the Senate floor.

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After widespread backlash worldwide, Chuck Schumer reversed his recent decision by officially codifying the dress code into the rules of the Senate. Fetterman, and others, accused “the right” and “Republicans” of being the ones who were upset with his style of dress. The Senate unanimously approved the resolution. This means that the decision was not along party lines. It was bipartisan.


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