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SF Gay Men’s Choir Says Their “Conversion” Song Is Just A Joke

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus says their video threatening to indoctrinate and “convert” children was just a joke. The song from the video entitled “Message From The Gay Community” featured lyrics referencing converting children subtly in an unnoticeable way. Of course, the reaction of the general public to the video is probably not quite what the group had in mind.

An official statement from the SF Gay Men’s Chorus has been released to address the controversy. The statement was made in conjunction with GLAAD. In part, their statement says the video was “satirical and obviously tongue-in-cheek humor”.

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Not many people got the “joke”. The SF Men’s Chorus allege that they were hit with a tone of abuse and death threats upon release of the now-viral video. Some members of the group were allegedly “doxxed” meaning, their private information not generally publicly available was released. This initially forced the group to take the video down and also issue out copyright strike takedowns of those who uploaded the video to their platforms without permission.

Negative reactions to the so-called “satirical” video have been labeled as “right-wing conspiracy theories” and “baseless attacks”. One article labeled the disturbing video as “extremely funny”. The reality is that the general public fails to see the humor in such a disturbing video. Then there are the allegations that some of the chorus members are convicted sex offenders. Some reports say that about two or three guys from the chorus have been locked up on sex crimes. Another report says the official tally is at 15. If true, either case is horrifying. Especially considering the circumstances.


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