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St. Louis Couple Perfectly Display the Importance of the Second Amendment!

A couple in St. Louis, Missouri are at the center of controversy due to a viral video recorded on Sunday, June 28th, 2020. So-called “peaceful” protesters broke the gate of their private street to make their way to the Mayor’s house. The protesters’ ultimate goal was to force the Mayor to resign through protest. When the “protesters” broke the gate, owners of the home directly beside the gate exited their homes with guns.

Lamestream Media Wrong As Always

Mainstream media immediately hopped all over the top of the couple because of their preparedness. The Washington Post said that the couple pointed their guns at peaceful protesters who simply wanted the Mayor to resign. WaPo failed to mention, in their headline at least, the part about the “peaceful protesters” breaking the gate to a private neighborhood and trespassing. Which is very important information to understand the context of brandishing firearms.

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The husband was pictured with a rifle, most likely an M16A1. The wife had an unidentified handgun. Their trigger discipline and weapon handling were not perfect, not was it ideal at all, but that’s totally unrelated to the point. These “suburbanites” were prepared to defend their home and their neighborhood against roving gangs of destructive people.

Let’s Grasp The Context

Just one day prior to the incident of the chaotic mob breaking into a private area to “protest”, there was another “protest” just a few steps away at the Apotheosis of Saint Louis. King Louis IX was the King of France in the 13th Century and the only King of France to become canonized (he became a Catholic Saint.) The city of St. Louis was named after him in 1764. The Apotheosis of Saint Louis is a statue dedicated to King Louis IX.

Several groups of people descended upon the statue of King Louis on Saturday, June 27th, 2020 to protest “antisemitism” and “Islamophobia.” This is most likely due to his involvement with the Crusades. Although the Crusades pale in comparison to the Islamic Conquest of Europe and the Middle East, the rabble-rousers present that day did not seem to care. And of course, several fights broke out. One older man with a “Paws Lives Matter” shirt on was punched in his face while praying peacefully.

Regular People Will Fight Back

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Americans all over the country, including the couple with guns in the gated community, are looking at this chaos take place. Regular people who would normally have no reason to purchase weapons are doing so. Some people have had weapons for a long time and never had a reason to utilize them.

In the case of the St. Louis couple, they spent the better part of three decades revitalizing their mansion. Protecting their investment, their own lives, and that of their neighbors takes paramount over fake news media stories and attempts at ruining their lives and/or business.

Regular people do not have to rely on the Government or anyone else. In a time of uncertainty when it comes to safety, people have the right to pick up arms and defend themselves. This is what the Second Amendment is all about.

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  1. Comment is wrong, they broke a Wrought Iron gate and entered their property. That is a threat and if it was me I would have shot the ones on my property.

  2. THANKYOU! it’s time to get the word out. we the people , is what really”MATTERS”. No single group can hold themselves to be more important than any one else.These people didn’t graduate from the kitchen table , let alone from any reliable source. they wouldn’t understand the constitution if you read it to them. They are totally lost. it is time for the federal government to stand up for ALL of the constitution, not just the parts that they understand..Define one word…KEEP… in a law , legal Dictionary. Then read the 2nd amendment again. YOU will surelly understand why the framers put it in the 2nd Amendment.


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