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Texas Democrat Leaks Southern Border Facility Pictures to Axios

New pictures from southern border migrant detention centers have surfaced thanks to Democrat Henry Cuellar, a House Rep from Texas. Project Veritas has also released pictures of what Democrats used to call “cages” of unaccompanied minors and other illegal aliens attempting to gain entry into the United States. Although these new pictures have been released, and the conditions are not a secret, there does not seem to be a giant outcry from advocates of “immigrants” the same way there was during the Trump administration.

The “leaked” pictures show illegal aliens resting on a hard surface with mats while covering themselves in a sheet that resembles tinfoil. Other pictures show people standing around while wearing street clothes in very tight quarters. Also clearly visible in the pictures is what can only be described as the framing of fencing filled out with some type of clear plastic, possibly fiberglass, rather than the chain-link fence and barbed wire present under the Obama/Biden administration.

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Curiously absent from any pictures inside and outside of these migrant facilities are any pro-migrant protesters. They were a fixture under the Trump administration. AOC took the heavily-memed picture of herself crying at a fence over the “kids in cages.” There are now more “kids in cages” under Biden than there ever were at one point under Trump. This reality would point to the issues of illegal immigration simply being a political tool that the left uses to advance an agenda, and once the goal is met then there is no reason to continue the protest. The goal was not really for the “cages” to go away, rather it was to loosen up the flow of illegal aliens into the country which is what has happened.

Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent on housing illegal aliens seeking entry into the country. More of them are coming to the southern border which means more money must be spent on managing them once they get detained including food, water, shelter. Then they are often given plane or bus rides into the interior of the nation, which also costs money. Releasing detained illegal aliens into the interior of the country, usually with a court date to determine their status later in an immigration court is a process called “catch and release”.

Catch and release ended under Trump, but now it’s back. And since the influx of people is so tremendous, the process of catch and release often does not even feature a court date. Illegal aliens simply walk up to the border and get set free like a revolving door of sorts. All of this can be firmly laid on the back of Joe Biden and his administration. Anyone attempting to blame Donald Trump is either misinformed or simply not telling the truth.

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