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Toronto Raptors Apologize For Women’s History Month Video

The Toronto Raptors, an NBA basketball team, issued an apology for tweeting a 10-second video clip celebrating Women’s History Month. The very short clip featured three players answering the prompt “Beyonce said girls run the world… Why do you think that’s true?” The responses to said prompt invoked outrage on social media. The Raptors were forced to delete the tweet almost as soon as they uploaded it.

TMZ described two of the three player’s responses as “cringeworthy”. Malachi Flynn said, “they are the only ones who can procreate”. Precious Achiuwa said, “they birth everybody”. One player gave an “acceptable” answer in the eyes of social justice warriors. Scottie Barnes simply stated that all women are queens. The first two answers, however, triggered the LGBTQ + people and their allies due to the “heteronormative” nature of their responses.

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Society has taken sort of a left turn into the realm of strange personal politics. Things that were considered basic and common knowledge are now being challenged. It is (or was, at least) widely known that only women could birth children. Now, since people can identify as whatever gender they please, basic facts are no longer so.


Raptors apologize after deleted Women’s History Month video goes viral

Raptors Apologize For Women’s History Month Video, ‘We Made A Mistake’

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