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Trans College Cheerleader Chokes Out Female Teammate Over Misgendering

A 25-year-old transgender college cheerleader named Averie Chanel Medlock allegedly choked out their teammate over misgendering. Medlock’s was referred to as a “man with a penis” by their 17-year-old fellow cheerleader. Medlock was given a $500 criminal citation ticket by local police but not charged with any serious crime. A video was released that was apparently filmed somewhat after the altercation. Medlock denies that any physical interaction occurred although Medlock admits “barely” touching Karleigh, the 17-year-old teammate in question. Medlock identified as a male up until possibly April when they joined the female cheer team at Ranger college.


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  2. What a freak. This kind of environmental conditioning has gone beyond far enough. Proof that America has entirely lost the plot and is doomed to self implode within the next couple of years either by war mother nature or God himself. We are now the literal Sodom and Gomorrah of human history.

  3. Right here we have everything wrong with America embodied in one single “person”. Black, sexual deviant, severely mentally ill and clearly violent.

    Those photos are the stuff of nightmares.

    Agree with all of the above comments.

    This “person” needs to be in a max security all male mental hospital or at the very least sterilized and locked up in a WOMENs prison solitary confinement hole far away from any real WOMEN.

    It’s disgusting to think these kinds of “people” are being celebrated and allowed to roam our streets flaunting their violent deviant behavior, much less our k-12 educational system.

    This “thing” is precisely why the rest of the world is laughing at us and regards our “culture” as nothing more than a bunch of self centered weirdo lunatics. “People” like this make me ashamed and embarrassed to be American today.

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