Friday, December 2, 2022
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Trans Woman Wins Miss America Pageant In New Hampshire

A trans woman by the name of Brian Nguyen has become the very first biological male to win a Miss America Pageant. The particular event that Nguyen was featured in is called “Miss Greater Derry” in New Hampshire. Nguyen celebrated the win by visiting a local McDonald’s to chow down on some french fries in the car. This win has been heralded as monumental by some, and as unfair to biological women by others.

Nguyen is either 18 or 19 years old, as were the other biological girls in the pageant. The winner of the pageant, Nguyen in this case, won a scholarship to college. This obviously would have gone to a biological woman if not for the fact that Nguyen participated. Unfair is the best word to describe something so egregious and ridiculous. This type of thing will continue until biological women step up to stop it.

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First Biological Male Wins ‘Miss Greater Derry,’ A Beauty Pageant Held By The Miss America Organization | Evie Magazine

Dr. Sydney Watson on Twitter: “The thing I can’t get over is that this person isn’t attractive enough to win any pageant, ever. It’s like giving a participation award a participation award for being a participation award.” / Twitter

Brían Nguyen (@missgreaterderrynh) • Instagram photos and videos

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  1. Welcome to America! Where encouraging and rewarding sexual deviancy is the new norm. This is the epitome of environmental conditioning. Desperate for any and all attention, these fat, ugly, opportunistic fags wont stop until we stop them. This disgusting pedophile fag should be in a mental ward being sterilized and reprogrammed. Enough is enough.

    Is it really any wonder why we’re the laughing stock of the world today? I am embarrassed and ashamed to be American. Pathetic.

  2. This is a Halloween costume dress up joke right? Early April fools? I am speechless. This is by far one of the stupidest things I have ever seen in my entire life. This goes too far. My god we as a society really have lost the plot.


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