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Trump Attacks Kayleigh McEnany Over “Inflated” DeSantis Poll Numbers

Donald Trump attacked his former White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, over a discrepancy with poll numbers. Trump aired his grievance with her after she appeared on Jesse Waters’s Fox News show. She quoted a poll that stated Trump was leading Ron DeSantis by 25 points. Trump disagreed with that number, saying that he was actually 34 points ahead. In a Truth Social post, Trump said that “25 points” is good, but “34 points” is better. He also said that Fox News should hire real stars and that the “globalists” and “RINOS” can have her.

This most recent attack from Trump underlines the need for some people to move on from the Trump era and vote for DeSantis. People recognize Trump as a good leader, but they also know that he is hot-headed and can often torpedo his own good deeds. Trump is a double-edged sword and also a bull in a china shop. DeSantis is seen as having all of the good qualities of Trump in relation to policy without all of the pitfalls and baggage that Trump comes with.

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