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Trump Vocally Supports Vaccines On Candace Owen’s Daily Wire Show

Former President Donald Trump gave an exclusive interview to Candace Owens for the Daily Wire. Quite a few clips from the interview have been floating around online. One of the most controversial clips features Trump debating the issue of vaccines with Candace. People on mainstream media and even regular, non-political types have wildly different viewpoints on Trump’s stance. Some say that he should not be advocating for vaccines at all due to the dangerous nature of their implementation. Others say that he has turned over a new leaf and now wants to support something that he did not support before. In reality, Trump has not changed his stance at all.

The narrative surrounding vaccines was much different back in 2019 and into 2020 when the virus first reared its ugly head in the United States. Donald Trump was faced with an unknown virus that had already ravaged Wuhan, China. Other countries in the world, like Italy, were being bogged down by the effects of it as well. The famous “15 days to slow the spread” began back in March 2020. That set off a series of lockdowns that are still happening in certain states. People were deathly afraid of this unknown thing and the demand for relief was through the roof. So Trump developed Operation Warp Speed to create a vaccine in record time. Trump is proud of this accomplishment and has never regretted his decision.

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President Donald Trump & Candace Owens

Unfortunately, the vaccine has become very political. Health and safety should be a non-partisan issue but it isn’t. There is a lot of money and political reputation on the line. When Trump’s Operation Warp Speed (OWS) developed the vaccine in six months, many left-wing commentators and politicians (including Joe Biden) were hesitant to take it. They said it was rushed and it couldn’t be trusted… especially since Donald Trump’s name was attached to it. However, as soon as Biden became President, nearly all of these pundits and politicians did an immediate 180 on their vaccine stance. All of a sudden they became safe and effective and if you didn’t take it then you were a right-wing Trump-supporting moron with a tinfoil hat collection in his basement.

Trump’s interview with Candace Owens for Daily Wire confirmed what he had been saying all along. He has not shifted his stance at all. The issue is that the mainstream media has been very successful in brainwashing people into believing that Trump thinks one way about the vaccine that he simply does not. He supports the vaccine but does not support mandates, nor does he support mask mandates. His stance is probably in-tune with the majority of all Americans regardless of political affiliation. Unfortunately, weaponized political hacks and their acolytes will spin this interview like an industrial laundry machine to make it fit their narrative. Simply reporting the truth, however, would be much easier.

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