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Tucker Carlson Got Too Close To The Truth About DC’s Deep State

A newly-surfaced clip from Tucker Carlson suggests that he may have gotten a little bit too close to the truth about what is happening in Washington DC. Carlson appeared on Tulsi Gabbard’s podcast about four months ago. During the 75-minute-long podcast, they spoke about a wide range of topics. Much of what they discussed now has the additional context of Tucker no longer being employed by Fox News.

There is also the issue of Media Matters releasing never-before-seen videos of Tucker to smear him as some sort of racist and/or “fake” conservative. Maybe all of this is currently happening to him because he got a little bit too close to the truth of what is happening on the ground on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The deep state corruption happening in The District that Donald Trump warned the nation about is very real and, at a certain point, it completely dismisses the separation of left and right politics.

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