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UFC Fighter Sean Strickland Annihilates Journalist Over LGBT Question

Controversial UFC fighter Sean Strickland has gone viral over his answers to a journalist’s question during a press conference. Strickland was at the presser ahead of his fight against South African fighter Dricus Du Plessis.

The question was about Strickland’s previous comments about the LGBT community that caused some people to be quite offended. The previous comments centered around the UFC’s recent partnership with Bud Light after the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco. Strickland went viral for saying that he supports the move from UFC and how he could fix the brand’s tarnished image.

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Strickland also spoke about the potential of having an LGBT son and the drawbacks that could come from that. Strickland immediately recognized the beginnings of a “hit job” on him by the media when those questions emerged at the presser. His reaction to those questions has been viewed by millions across several platforms as they resonate with large swaths of the world’s population.


Sean Strickland on X: “Idk who this guy is and I don’t care but you’re not a man… But you’d take that as a compliment…..” / X

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