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US Homeless Rate Reaches All-Time High

The homeless rate in the United States has reached an all-time high after a 12% increase from last year. Data compiled and released by the Federal Government says over 653,000 people are currently experiencing homelessness in the US. It is not clear if this number includes non-citizens who have been pouring across the border over the past year. This record-breaking number is unsurprising due to a variety of factors brewing in the country.

An obvious reason for the homeless crisis is the economic challenges plaguing the nation. Inflation is through the roof and employers are having a hard time keeping up with the Government’s money-printing operation. Interest rates are also climbing, making new home ownership a nearly impossible thing to do. And since homeownership is nearly out of the question, people are resorting to renting apartments. This creates a demand for rentals that is often unable to be met.

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The migrant crisis cannot be ignored here. In New York City alone, over 150,000 migrants have poured into the city in just about 18 months. Eight thousand people were placed in the Queensbridge Housing Projects in Queens, New York City. The city has reported a $7 billion budget shortfall as a result of the migrant crisis. Millions of these people have swarmed the United States in what can only be called an invasion. There are clearly not enough resources, let alone housing, for all of these people. Migrants fight American citizens for resources and citizens often end up losing that battle.

Another issue in the United States is the opioid crisis, which is fueled by the lack of a Southern Border. Fentanyl has ravaged cities all over the country. Opioid deaths also reached an all-time high with over 100,000 dead in just one year. These people are usually unable to function productively in society and line city street sidewalks in tents and filth. Most of these issues have increased since Joe Biden became President in January 2021.


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US Homelessness Reaches All-Time High

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