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Voter Fraud EXPOSED In Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis District!

An apparent scheme of voter fraud by way of “ballot harvesting” in Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis, Minnesota district was discovered by Project Veritas. Actually, one of the videos exposing the scheme was uploaded on social media by one of the alleged perpetrators, Liban Mohamed. Mohamed filmed himself talking about, and showing, three hundred ballots for Jamal Osman while in his car. Osman won his election back in late August of 2020.

Ballot harvesting refers to the practice of an “agent” (or designated person) collecting completed absentee ballots that other people have filled out to submit for counting. Ballot harvesting itself is not necessarily illegal, but there are restrictions to the practice and each state generally has its own rules. In Minnesota, the rule states that an “agent” is only able to collect up to three ballots. There is some dispute over this and some say that an agent is not restricted on how many ballots they can collect or “harvest.”

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However, if certain rules are broking during the ballot harvesting process, then the practice becomes totally illegal. Ballots must be completely filled out before they are collected by a third party for submission. Undercover sources in the Project Veritas video allege that the ballots are empty and get filled out by people with ties to Jamal Osman and Ilhan Omar. Possibly even campaign staffers for the aforementioned politicians.

If money is given in exchange for a ballot, that is also illegal. That also alludes to the fact that the ballot is not filled out. Why would a person pay for a ballot that is already completed? Allegations of a form of elder abuse are also levied in the undercover video. While young people may be paid for their incomplete ballot (which is illegal enough) elderly people may simply have their ballot taken without compensation.

All of the people targeted by people with connections to Jamal Osman and Ilhan Omar are of the Somali community. Many of them, especially the elderly, are only used to military dictatorship types of Government. They do not fully know their rights in America, let alone how the election process works. This leads to them being taken advantage of. They do not alert authorities about the pay-for-ballot or ballot “theft” scheme because they don’t know that it’s wrong in the first place.

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Voter fraud (and election fraud) does happen all across the United States of America. Common-sense measures to prevent this action from happening like… less vote-by-mail schemes and more voter-id laws would make fraud less prevalent. Voters would be protected more than what they are now. Some would argue that voter-id laws and less access to indiscriminate vote-by-mail would actually disenfranchise voters. Judging by the Minneapolis case, and other cases like it across the country, this thought process is simply untrue.


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