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W.H.O. Drops Hydroxychloroquine Trials, Citing Safety Concerns

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) dropped temporarily paused their hydroxychloroquine trial in treating the virus, citing safety concerns. Citing a study from the UK-Based Journal “The Lancet”, WHO leader Tedros Adhanom says the drug poses more risk than benefit. Key findings from the study are elevated heart rate and increased mortality among virus patients.

Results from the study have been met with a skeptical eye. The World Health Organization is not necessarily the most … independent bunch. China has an unhealthy influence on the WHO. Voting power is largely held by the Chinese because of all the nations they influence that have the power to vote. So it’s no surprise that the WHO discouraged travel bans against China when the virus first broke out. Nor is it a surprise that early on, the WHO somehow suggested that the virus cannot pass from human to human.

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Another reason to distrust the WHO is because of obvious money concerns. Big Pharma (may) rather cash in on this crisis with a new, expensive drug. High demand, high profit. Rather than a cheap generic drug that’s been around for nearly a century. That may be why Remdesivir, a drug that costs around $4,500 for treatment is being touted over Hydroxychloroquine. HCQ costs around $40 for total treatment.

So what’s better? The cheap, older drug that’s been around for no less than 80 years or the brand new drug that’s experimental AND expensive? Not a heavy-brained question.

Politics are obviously also at play with the WHO. And the United States. Donald Trump touted HCQ as a “miracle drug” of sorts that has saved lives all over the planet. Which it has been, for many. However, the accuracy of his statement, at least in regards to the Chinese virus, may warrant investigation. Results for the drug’s other treatments need not be vetted. It does very well with rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and malaria.

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There are groups of people that would rather Trump not get credit if HCQ saves lives. They would go as far as to END lives in order to make that happen. Which is really sick. But so is the state of much of the world.

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