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White Man Tries To Start Race War At Atlanta Rap Concert

A 58-year-old white man from Arizona, Mark Prieto, attempted to start a race war at a rap concert in Atlanta, Georgia. Prieto had been surveilled by the FBI for quite a while, as he had communicated with both informants and agents at gun shows. He showed hatred toward blacks, Muslims, and Jews. Prieto stated the goal of shooting up a Bad Bunny concert in Atlanta before the 2024 Presidential Election. Since Bad Bunny is a rapper, he figured he would be able to harm a lot of black Americans at one time.

Mark Preito’s idea was doomed from the beginning. The FBI had been watching him for at least three years. Prieto made contact with an FBI informant at a gun show in Arizona with his plan to hurt black Americans. He later tried to recruit the informant and an undercover FBI agent to help him carry out the Bad Bunny attack. The FBI would never let him get close to Georgia to do anything. And, even if he could accomplish his goal, Bad Bunny is a Hispanic, Spanish-speaking rapper. He is not popular among black Americans at all.

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