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Wildfires Devastate Lahaina Town In Maui, Hawaii

Wildfires have devastated Maui Island in Hawaii, especially in the Lahaina Town area. A combination of dry land, high winds, and downed power lines are believed to have caused the fires. Lahaina is an area with older wooden buildings that unfortunately became the perfect avenue for fires to “jump” from one structure to another.

People attempted to escape the rapidly-spreading fire in their vehicles with little to no success. Charred remains of abandoned vehicles line the streets of Lahaina. People also jumped into the water off the coast of the island to escape the flames. This was a good strategy, however, smoke from the fire was also an issue. Many people who die in house fires succumb to the smoke before the flames. The current death toll sits at 99 and this is expected to rise over the coming days hundreds of people are unaccounted for.

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President Biden has offered affected residents a one-time payment of $700 to help with any struggles they may face as a result of the disaster. Just five days ago, Biden asked Congress to approve $24 billion more dollars to fund the war in Ukraine.


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