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14 Countries Banned Disney’s “Lightyear” Over Same-Sex Kiss

Disney Pixar’s new “Lightyear” movie, based off of the Buzz Lightyear character from the Toy Story movie franchise, has been banned in 14 countries. Most of the countries in question appear to be in the Middle Eastern region of the world and also parts of Asia. Obviously, based upon the region these countries are located in, each place has a large or majority Muslim population. The controversy centers around a scene in “Lightyear” that features a same-sex kiss. This is a big “no-no” in the Muslim world.

Then there is the issue of the indoctrination of children that has caused controversy in the West. Disney had even removed the scene from the movie at one point. That was the case until an open letter was submitted to Disney from Pixar employees who complained about LGBTQ issues being censored by the megacorporation. The open letter happened just a short time after Disney got in “trouble” over donating to Florida politicians. Liberal groups and liberal factions within Disney did not like the fact that Disney had donated to Republican politicians although they also donated to Democrats and non-party affiliated people/groups.

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News of Disney’s financial practices in The Sunshine State broke right around the time of the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill which is now law. The purpose of the law, which was actually called the “Parental Rights In Education” bill, is to prevent the grooming and indoctrination of children with sexual propaganda. Both “Toy Story” and “Lightyear” are animated movies primarily intended for children.


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  1. Welcome to America! Where we tear down and utterly destroy anything and everything good and wholesome. And here we have yet another great American institution completely decimated by 21st century sexual deviant kiss ass “diverse” hollyweird woke joke anything for a buck corporate America. Is it really any wonder why we are now the laughing stock embarressment deluded 4% population of the world today? Pathetic. But hey, at least weed is legal and any drug you can find is too in Oregon and dykes can have weddings now three! COOL! USA! USA! USA! Gimme high five! Get’n mine! YES! Enjoy!

  2. @TheMuffinMan Way to prove the point of the article. Instead of making an actual argument you start calling people names. I’m sorry you don’t understand this is a problem and hope one day you will.


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