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Don Lemon Asks WH Press Secretary Tough Questions About Joe Biden’s Health

Don Lemon grilled White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on a number of issues, including his concerns with Joe Biden. Several clips have surfaced from the CNN anchor’s time with the newly-appointed Press Secretary. Some clips feature Lemon asking Jean-Pierre policy-related questions. Other clips display the popular anchor asking questions that probably cannot be solved with a simple change in policy. One question that Don Lemon asked Karine Jean-Pierre is typically of limits for leftist or left-leaning journalists to ask. Lemon asked about Joe Biden’s mental and physical health. The CNN anchor then went on to ask if Joe Biden’s apparent limitations will be of any hindrance in the near future.

Karine Jean-Pierre appeared shocked that Don Lemon would ask such a question. After all, most liberal and/or left-leaning news outlets typically lob softball questions to leftist establishment administrations. Joe Biden almost never gets challenged by mainstream media. He takes months to give proper press conferences and interviews. And when Biden does finally speak to the media, it is a babbling snoozefest that most media outlets don’t cover properly. Anyone who is not beholden to mainstream media can see that something is wrong with Joe Biden. Most people on the street would ask the very same question that Don Lemon asked. But, again, this is typically something the left doesn’t do simply out of kinship with the leftist political establishment.

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Don Lemon may have asked a more pointed question without “kid gloves” because of CNN’s new CEO, Chris Licht. Rumor has it that Licht has issued a warning to Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, Brian Stelter, and possibly others, to become less partisan moving forward. CNN has become sort of a laughing stock to the general public because of how blatantly biased toward the left they have become over the years, especially during the Trump administration. Their credibility is a far cry from what it once was. They were a respected network with loyal viewership. That is no longer the case. CNN’s failed streaming experiment called “CNN+” that they spent millions of dollars on may have been the wake-up call necessary to have them reverse course and become more middle-of-the-road.


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