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29-Year-Old Navy Combat Vet Trans Woman Defeats 13-Year-Old Girl In Skate Tournament

A transgender woman and combat veteran named Ricci Tres (formerly Richard Batres) has become the center of controversy after winning a women’s skateboarding tournament. Most of the contestants in the tournament were young girls between the ages of 10-17. To be fair, the tournament invited adults to compete against children. But the tournament was supposed to be for women only. Since “Tres” now identifies as a woman, Tres was able to compete. Interestingly enough, Tres actually tried out for the Olympics as a woman but was rejected due to having too much testosterone.

Ricci Tres identified as a male for 27 years and spent most of his adult life as a member of the US Navy. Transitioning for Tres has only consisted of hormone therapy for the past two years with no actual gender reassignment surgery. Many women and girls have spoken out against people like Ricci Tres and Lia Thomas for their clear advantages as biological men who compete against biological women. Both Tres and Thomas deny that these advantages genuinely exist.

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