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Crazy McDonald’s Mother Responds To Supporters And Detractors In TikTok Video

The self-proclaimed “baby mama” from the viral video featuring a dispute over a bag of McDonald’s has responded to all critics and supporters. The woman, who is also a TikToker that does similar skits to the video in question, maintained the stance she had in the original video. She was unapologetic in her approach. The response video, however, had people questioning if this was yet another one of her “skits” on the platform she has built on TikTok with over 175k followers or if it was a break from the skits and a peek into her real life.


Why i made my baby daddy feed all kids

♬ original sound – Eliz McGlaston

To back up a little bit, the dispute in the video in question was over the fact that her child’s father would continuously only bring enough food for his son to eat to the mother’s house. He would not bring any food for the other three children she has that are not his. She said this was “petty” because if he “helps” one child, he should help the others so they don’t feel left out. The father maintained that he is only responsible to take care of his child and not the other children who are not his. This created a firestorm on social media with people going back and forth over who the righteous person in this situation was.

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