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41% Of Baltimore City School Students Have GPA Below 1.0

According to data obtained by Project Baltimore, 41% of Baltimore Public School Students have a GPA below 1.0. The 1.0 Grade Point Average is the equivalent to a “D”. Which means that 41% of Baltimore students are failing.

This news comes on the heels of the bombshell story about the student at Augusta Fells Savage, also in Baltimore, having a 0.13 GPA. That particular student’s GPA was very low compared to other students in the United States, but not very low comparatively at Augusta Fells. A 0.13 GPA at Augusta Fells was enough to rank the high school senior 62 out of 120 students in his class.

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Baltimore has obvious problems with education that leadership simply refuses to properly address. When local media ask leadership about the problems, a lot of finger-pointing takes place. Everything from money to a lack of recreation to the virus is blamed. How can any of these things actually be the problem? Baltimore is the third most funded school system in the United States of America. Recreation is never an issue either. Most of the failing kids are simply not going to school, with the exception of fun classes like physical education. And issues with Baltimore students performing poorly in school existed long before the virus ever washed up on our shores.

Parents in Baltimore are simply not engaged with their children in a serious manner. Most of the poverty-stricken kids of Baltimore who struggle in school do not have two parents in the household. Sometimes the mother is not even involved. Often times the grandmother and/or grandparents take over. Most Baltimore children are not exposed to any education at all before they get to K-12 government schools. So they are already behind before they begin. The culture of not caring and unpreparedness follows the child throughout their grade school career. Parents do nothing to improve this and the teachers also don’t care much. The result is easy to see. Failure.


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  1. The 41% below a 1.0 GPA is a glaring symptom of systemic FAILURE. They’ll have to do some diagnostics on the system to figure out what the problem is. It’s like the “disparity study” the Air Force did a few months ago, that reported back “Yep, there’s disparity.” So what? Any system where you have pre-requisites and performance standards is going to end in disparity. Some people call that success, i.e. a military force that’s full of strong, able-bodied, intelligent soldiers. Of course, the “study” said right there they did not look at causality. Therefore, it was a big ol’ waste of time and taxpayer money.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Great minds like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Milton Friedman, and Walter Williams have said the same thing. The burning question no one seems to have the answer to: how do you get rid of the welfare state? Blacks make up about 13% of the population, but commit 50% of the crime, and 70% of the violent crime. But it’s not their blackness that drives that, it’s the lack of good parenting. Put white, Hispanic or Asian children in the same situation and their statistics would be the same. Only the politicians can end the welfare state, but they either lack the guts or the interest….or just maybe too many have a vested interest in the status quo?


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