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Teacher Reads A Children’s Book On “White Privilege”

Protests against Critical Race Theory have spawned a wave of “woke” liberal teachers displaying the ways they teach CRT in and out of the classroom. A woman described as a “future” teacher filmed herself reading a children’s book about “white privilege”. The book features large, easy-to-read text and is completely filled with racist propaganda. The author of the book takes the presupposition that whites are inherently superior to nonwhites even when given poorer life circumstances. In years past, this would simply be categorized as blatant racism. But now, many look at such a “racist” take as stunning and brave.

The video in question features the teacher in what appears to be an apartment, probably her own house. She is wearing a shirt featuring a slogan supportive of black women. Behind her are two flags, one Black Lives Matter flag and another LGBTQ+ flag. The flags cover the windows and act as makeshift blinds. So it is clear that she is 100% on the side of far-leftist social justice. She is, if nothing else, an obvious embodiment of the outcome that critical race theory proponents want to achieve. Not only is she totally aligned with far-left ideology, but she is also determined to indoctrinate another generation in the same way she was.

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