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Aaron Rodgers Allegedly Booted From The Pat McAfee Show In Confusing Drama

Former NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been the center of controversy after a flurry of statements he made on The Pat McAfee Show. McAfee, who also played in the NFL, has one of the top sports shows in the world. Rodgers has a specific day carved out for him on the show on a seasonal, weekly basis entitled: “Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays.” Soon after the NFL season ends, Rodgers leaves the show and returns when the season resumes. McAfee announced an early end to Rodger’s fourth season on Wednesday, January 10th, the day after the last “ART” episode.

Aaron Rodgers spoke about the host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Jimmy Kimmel. He stated that Kimmel (and others) should be lucky that they don’t appear in the Epstein files. Obviously, Jeffrey Epstein was a known child predator who was friends with high-profile celebrities. The allegation surrounding Epstein is that he brought celebrities to a place called “Epstein Island” to engage in the abuse of children. Kimmel did not like the association with Epstein, and a back-and-forth feud between the two was born.

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A vital issue Kimmel attacked Rodgers over was the allegation that he is a conspiracy theorist. Aaron Rodgers has been a long opponent of forced vaccinations. When vaccine mandates were still happening in the United States, Rodgers stated that he was “immunized” when a journalist asked if he was “vaccinated.” He was not actually vaccinated, but he had done other treatments instead. Left-wing activists and journalists label this type of behavior as “anti-science.” Kimmel says that someone with limited education, like Rodgers, isn’t qualified to make such assertions on physical health.

Many people think the “early” ending of Aaron Rodger’s fourth season on the Pat McAfee show is because of what he said during his January 9th appearance. Others say it is because the NFL regular season is over. McAfee released a statement that says, in part, that he did not say Rodgers was done forever and that he hopes Rodgers will return to discuss big events in the “off-season.” And, as a matter of fact, Rodgers did return the very next day to discuss the retirement of longtime New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. McAfee also said that he hopes to get beyond the heavily controversial political topics Aaron Rodgers consistently brings. So, the future for Rodgers on Pat McAfee’s show is currently… uncertain at best.


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