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Black Men Allege Racism At Topgolf In Little Rock Over Cough Syrup

A group of black men at a Little Rock, Arkansas, Topgolf location alleged racism after they were kicked out. A now-viral video shows the men “pouring up” a combination of cough syrup and what appears to be a soda. The cough syrup in question is probably prescription-grade and obtained illegally. This is a commonly used drink among some illicit drug users as it is an opiate derivative.

Naturally, such a thing is not tolerated in public or private facilities like Topgolf, so the men were asked to leave. The men recorded themselves asking an employee, who was white, if he was racist. The man said he was not. Comments on social media, mostly from black netizens, say that the “syrup pourers” in question are dead wrong and engaging in entirely intolerable behavior. One commenter said it best: “Fake allegations of racism delude real instances of racism that still happen.”

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Topgolf in Little Rock, Arkansas accused of racism for kicking out young men who were abusing cough syrup | The Post Millennial |

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