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Abercrombie & Fitch Deletes Body Positive Ad After Negative Tweets

The clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch deleted a body-positive style advertisement after an onslaught of negative tweets. The ad featured an obese woman wearing the brand’s clothing as part of an Instagram ad campaign. Thousands of tweets flooded the Internet after the photo went viral. Abercrombie was blasted for promoting obesity as something normal and healthy. Commenters pointed out that obesity leads to deadly issues like heart disease and diabetes. Some people took to the plus-sized model’s defense by using the “healthy at any size” line of thinking which, of course, is simply untrue. After the backlash from the ad, the picture in question was no longer available on Abercrombie’s Instagram feed. The New York Post reached out for comment but did not hear anything back as of the publishing of this article.


Abercrombie deletes ad after fury over ‘normalizing’ obesity

TIME CAPSULE: “Abercrombie & Fitch Fall/Winter 1998” by Bruce Weber – Image Amplified: The Flash and Glam of Fashion and Entertainment

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  1. Rattle rattle here comes the cattle!

    Healthy? No. Normal? Yes. For America that is. I am sure someday there will be laws preventing people from being fat due to the financial and emotional burden it places on society at large. Come to think of it, considering we are the land of laws, there probably already is.

    The “large Bottom” -line is, American women all get fat after they marry and think they got their meal ticket for life. Disgusting and pathetic.


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