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Zuckerberg Says FBI Warned Him About The Hunter Biden Laptop Story Then The FBI Responded

The FBI has responded to META (Facebook/Instagram) CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s allegations about the Hunter Biden laptop story. On the Joe Rogan Podcast, Zuckerberg was answering a question about the now-infamous laptop and the story behind it that was heavily censored all over social media. Twitter went entirely scorched earth and simply removed the story then blocked the well-respected New York Post from… posting.

Zuckerberg stated that Facebook took a “different path” than Twitter and simply downranked the story so fewer people would see it. When Joe Rogan asked Zuckerberg about the percentage of people who did not see the story based on their actions, he didn’t have that answer prepared. What Zuckerberg did say, however, is that the FBI contacted them about disinformation and what that could mean to the general public.

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The FBI responded to Zuckerberg’s Joe Rogan Experience interview with a statement that was pretty short and to the point. They acknowledged warning Facebook and other social media platforms about misinformation coming from countries like Russia. The FBI maintains that this is a routine action and nothing out of the ordinary. The problem with that response is that large and old platforms like Facebook do not need such a warning. Zuckerberg and other social media leaders have been before Congress numerous times. The Government is in constant contact with them. So why pick up the phone and warn them about misinformation when that is a constant issue that they must deal with?

There was probably a sense of urgency with this “routine” call about “misinformation” that alerted all social media giants to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story. This same “routine call” has probably been made before when it comes to other things. One issue that immediately comes to mind is, of course, the virus. Countless people have been censored or outright deleted for posting “misinformation” about the Chinese bug. Some people’s whole lives and businesses have been ruined by this. For two years, Anthony Fauci has been the unofficial virus information czar for social media. And the funny (not so funny) part about that is that he has been proven wrong repeatedly.

One thing this story teaches the general public about the Government is that an overbearing Government is an incompetent one. They operate in a heavy-handed fashion that does nothing to protect the average American citizen. Censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story on the zero-hour of the election did nothing but help establishment politicians, already deep-rooted into Government, to stay in power.

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