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Actress Alyssa Milano Gets Reality Check By Black TikTok Star

Actress Alyssa Milano presented an extremely left-wing representation of black men on TikTok and a black woman gave her the response of a lifetime. The resulting video has now gone viral on several other platforms aside from TikTok. The TikTok-er “thisissavvy” held no punches in her rebuttal of Alyssa Milano’s attempt to shove black men in the box of victimhood and zero accountability.

Singers, actresses, and other celebrities are migrating from the big screen and small screen to the internet. They are attempting to become social media influencers. Alyssa Milano is no different. She is very active on social media, with a following that is surely in the millions – especially when all of her accounts are combined. Milano’s TikTok has around 750,000 followers. A very popular endeavor for influencers with large platforms is to start a podcast. Milano did just that and she decided to share a preview of her podcast on TikTok. That didn’t really go over too well.

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The former “Charmed” actress started off the podcast preview with an attempt at empathizing with black men. She spoke about how black men have to see people who look like them get gunned down in the street on television. This came off as inauthentic. Not just because she clearly named it as promotional material for her upcoming podcast, but because she looked like she was reading. Why read from a script if this is how she feels in her heart? Alyssa Milano also called the police on a young man with an airsoft pistol just a few months ago. So if she is so concerned about police gunning “innocent” black men down, and she wants to defund the police, why call them on someone who could be a young black man with a “toy” gun?

TikTok influencer thisissavvy gave a blistering rebuke to Alyssa Milano’s podcast preview. She pointed out some things that should be obvious, but to some, are simply not. One main thing thisissavvy took issue with is how the actress tried to associate all black people with criminals on tv “just because they look alike”. Alyssa Milano should be called out as racism, or prejudice, or bigotry. But that doesn’t usually happen because she is on the left and they are granted a great amount of poetic license. With rising stars with different ideology than the norm like thisissavvy, that reality may change in the near future.


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  1. LOL! “Combine all the rings together and get Captain Rich!” That is funny right there. Great commentary ABL. Milano is just running down the list of left-wing propaganda talking points in her video, no new material, no new thoughts, just the same ol’ woke song and dance.

  2. I love your articles! You tell it like it is! I am a white female who believes in your opinions 100%. I have been conservative since I realized that the dems are not helping people, they are hindering them! I got some assistance when I split with my abusive ex. I was 23. I wanted to go back to school so I could get a good job and support my son. The program wanted me to be on assistance for 2 more years until my son was in school. I found other ways to pay for childcare so I could go. After 1 year of school I got a good job and got off assistance. 7 years later I bought a house! People need to take some responsibility for their own success! They have to want to work and provide for their family. I’m hoping that black conservatives like yourself and others are able to wake up people who don’t see what is going on. Not just blacks and other people of color but young whites as well who are so out of touch. I’m glad I found you and other black conservatives on YouTube, I would never assume I know what people of color are thinking or feeling. I wanted to hear from you and others like you. And here I find out we are so much more alike than different. But I had to hear it from you. For many years I saw rich white people deciding what was best for people of color. It is disturbing. I’ve never been racist, I don’t think. I live in a part of Saint Paul, MN that has a lot of crime. I see our Democrat run cities having a terrible increase in violence. Yes Saint Paul is the twin city to Minneapolis. It is sad what is happening here. I believe in protecting myself and my family. I’m sorry to ramble but my main point is that I’m so grateful for you and what you are doing ❤. Please keep up the great information and your point of view 👍 😊 👍


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