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Adult Content Creator Farha Khalidi Says The Biden Administration Paid Her To Push Propaganda

Adult content creator Farha Khalidi says she was paid to push propaganda for the Biden administration during college. During the interview with Richard Hanania, Khalidi also says she took “ads” for Planned Parenthood and unnamed dating apps.

Khalidi shared a story of a white woman emailing her to specifically say positive things about Kentaji Brown-Jackson, the newest member of the Supreme Court. Since Khalidi is non-white, the person wanted her to speak of Brown-Jackson positively as a fellow person of color. Kentaji Brown-Jackson is black. Khalidi said she refused to talk of her from a racial point of view, and she would have refused it even if she was “brown” and not “black” (Khalidi appears to be Middle Eastern).

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The most alarming part of Khalidi’s interview is when she said the third-party marketing agency representing the Biden Administration told her to not reveal she was being paid to push propaganda. Their reasoning was that she was not being paid to promote a product; therefore, it is legal to not disclose that she was paid.


Richard Hanania on X: “Farha Khalidi on how surrogates for the Biden administration tried to pay her to engage in identity politics and sell their message. A case of racial division as a top-down phenomenon. They’re literally buying the TikTok influencers.” / X

OnlyFans creator Farha Khalidi claims she was paid to spread ‘political propaganda’ for Biden admin

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