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Daily Wire Placed Gag Order On Candace Owens After She Requested A Debate With Ben Shapiro: Report

The much-anticipated debate between Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens will probably never happen. The Daily Wire placed a gag order on Candace immediately after she requested the debate on Twitter. If a discussion between Shaprio and Owens were to take place, then it would be pretty tricky to maneuver around the gag order. This news comes after fans of both Owens and Shapiro have been complaining about the lack of any updates from the previously agreed upon debate over Israel and the concept of anti-semitism.

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald broke the news on Locals, and The New York Post picked up the story. Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boering says Greenwald’s report is “inaccurate to the point of being false.” Still, he does not outright refute the significant claim of a gag order successfully being placed on Candace Owens after she requested the debate.

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Shared post – As the Daily Wire Publicly Negotiated a Debate with Candace Owens, it Secretly Sought — and Obtained — a Gag Order Against Her

Daily Wire gets gag order against Candace Owens despite Ben Shapiro debate offer

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