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Alyssa Milano SLAMS Americans For Buying Guns During Virus Crisis

Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, who most recently gained notoriety by attending Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings as an antagonist, recently uploaded a video to her popular Twitter account shaming Americans for buying guns during the China Virus crisis. In said video, she expressed some empathy for people being afraid during this trying time, but also expressed concern that these guns would wind up in the wrong hands and be used in churches and/or schools.

Milano’s Twitter account is seen by many as she has well over three million followers. Her fame as an actress and her social media influence is probably what allows her a large platform outside of those areas. She has appeared on television many times and of course, famously attended the Kavanaugh hearings. She is (or at least, was) also a major figure in the #metoo movement.

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While she does not appear to respect American’s Second Amendment rights, or the right of a man to be innocent until proven guilty (Kavanaugh), she miraculously does respect rights when it comes to Joe Biden. He has similar accusations against him as Kavanaugh had. But rather than attend Joe Biden rallies in protest, rather than call him a predator, she has actually endorsed him and also spoken out in favor of his right to due process.

Now if only she could be as level-headed with everyone else, including gun-buying Americans practicing their Second Amendment right, as she is with the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee in Joe Biden.

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