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American Poverty Has People Living In Storage Units

American poverty has become a front-and-center topic due to the inescapable, ever-present nature of social media. Numerous accounts aggregate stories of young Americans struggling to make ends meet. Most videos about US poverty show young people in their vehicles complaining about the inflation of daily needs and housing prices. Other videos show people crafting innovative solutions to their financial woes. One such “solution” features a young man and his girlfriend living in a storage unit to save money. The man showed off his living quarters and the facility’s amenities, including climate control, electricity, and a bathroom.


Clown World ™ 🤡 on X: “Bidenomics got people living in storage units.” / X

New California study looks at important driver of homelessness

The Supreme Court could help California criminalize homelessness – Los Angeles Times

Homelessness in California: People used $750 stipend for food, shelter

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