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Andrew Cuomo And Judge Judy Defend Trump Over NYC Show Trial

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Judge Judy recently defended President Donald Trump. They both spoke about the so-called “hush money” trial and subsequent conviction. Cuomo has not supported Trump throughout the years, although Trump supported Andrew and his father, Mario, in the past. Judge Judy has not come out in favor of Trump, although she is not necessarily a never-Trumper. They are both Democrats.

Although Trump does not share their political viewpoints, they are still able to admit that the hush money case shouldn’t have been brought about. Judge Judy & Andrew Cuomo say that the only reason the case was prosecuted is due to a political agenda against Trump. Such a thing should not happen in the United States. Cuomo, the former Attorney General of New York, says the case violates Americans’ trust in the criminal justice system.

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