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Andrew Tate BBC News Interview Went Well For Him But Not For Them

Andrew Tate granted an exclusive interview to BBC News at his home in Romania and it was… interesting to say the least. Tate is very well-known online for his controversial takes on women and masculinity. He is widely viewed as an advocate for men by some and as “misogynistic” by others.

Although Tate’s content is geared toward adults, many young boys have picked up on the wildly-popular personality’s talking points. That fact has caused a problem with concerned mothers who are worried about their 11-year-old boys repeating things that they heard a 30-something “alpha male” speak about online. This concern, coupled with the socially conservative laws of Romania, has caused the American-born UK citizen a world of trouble.

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Andrew Tate recently found himself on the wrong end of the law, winding up in a Romanian jail with his brother Tristain. They were both accused of crimes against women, including human trafficking. Andrew and Tristian are both out of jail and back at their home in Romania. The interviewer, of course, asked very pointed questions about the criminal allegations and also some of the controversial remarks that he may or may not have made online. The end result is what can easily be characterized as a “hit piece” by BBC News.


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