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Another Woke US Military Ad Compared To Military Ads In China And Russia

Another “woke” US military ad, this one for the Army, has surfaced online. It features a young woman retelling the story of her childhood growing up with “two moms” and always being surrounded by “strong women” throughout her life. She realized that her upbringing was not challenging and she wanted to do more with her life, so she joined the Army. The ad was completely animated, with no live-action shots, and barely any men to speak of. Another video features the aforementioned ad then compares it to the military ads of China and Russia. The difference is night and day.

Military ads from China and Russia focus on the strength of their armed forces. This should be the key point in every country’s military ads. The purpose of a country’s military is to protect their fellow countrymen by any means necessary. Young, war-aged men should be front and center of all military recruitment ads because that should be the target group. The United States, unfortunately, has released a batch of “woke” ads for military recruitment. The focus is on women instead of men. There is also a focus on fringe groups like LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter. The kind of people ads like this will attract are going to be far from ideal. This cannot be the way forward if a strong military is necessary for the sovereignty of a nation.

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