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Anti-Gun Journalist Returns With A Ridiculous Tweet

Neil Steinberg, the anti-gun journalist who went viral about six years ago, has returned with a crazy tweet about gun control. Steinberg attempted to purchase an AR-15 back in 2016 just to prove how lax gun laws are. He was rejected from being able to take the rifle home during the 24-hour waiting period due to failing a background check. His record came back with a history of alcohol abuse and domestic violence. The very point he was trying to prove was ultimately disproven. Maybe Steinberg thought people forgot about that incident from all these years ago, but they haven’t.

The Chicago Sun-Times journalist tweeted out an article he’d written with the caption “Why restrict child porn but not guns?” Obviously, this tweet turned a few heads and made people wonder what exactly Steinberg’s intended angle actually is. The point he attempted to make in his article is that the right to bear arms is a constitutionally protected right, just as the right to possess and distribute pornographic material. Steinberg went on to say that these rights have limitations and that’s when he made the point about child pornography.

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Although Americans have the constitutional right to own and possess pornography (freedom of speech) they do not have the right to own pornography involving children for obvious reasons. As far as gun ownership, guns now account for more deaths of “children” (people under the age of 18 which would include gang warfare) than other things like accidents and natural disasters.

Steinberg believes that it simply makes sense to suspend and/or alter the right to bear arms because it harms children just the same or more than child pornography. The problem is that it is illegal to involve children in any illicit behavior because they cannot consent. Just because there is a constitutional right to possess pornography does not mean someone else’s rights may be violated to fulfill said right. Just as it is not permissible for someone to steal a gun to fulfill their right to bear arms. Neil Steinberg tried his best to make this long shot of a connection in his article, but ultimately it was a fail. Although not quite as big of a fail as that failed attempt to purchase an AR-15 back in 2016 was.


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