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Joe Biden’s First Interview In 118 Days Doesn’t Go Very Well

President Joe Biden’s first interview in 118 days was given to late-night talk show comedian Jimmy Kimmel. There is a particular reason why Biden does not do many interviews. His medical condition is not necessarily a thing that has been diagnosed and disclosed to the public, but something is clearly wrong. All one must do is simply look up Biden’s public speaking from just ten years ago and then compare it to how he sounds now.

Joe Biden, at nearly 80 years old, is simply not the same man that he once was. To say that he has lost a step would be an understatement. The interview with Kimmel ranged in topics from national security to national debt. One thing that was consistent throughout the entire 27 minutes was the difficulty with which Joe Biden articulated himself. If the purpose of appearing on Kimmel was to raise Biden’s low approval rating, that probably did not happen. The interview was a dumpster fire at best.

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