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ANTIFA & Black Lives Matter Have Taken Seattle

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter have taken over Seattle. At least, at this point, they have commandeered a six-block area in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. Physical signs quickly went up labeling this area as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Police were close by in the East Precinct. They had even set up barriers to prevent the violent incursion from taking over that police station. But, alas, the police decided to retreat as the crowd of anarchists became larger and more unruly. The police totally abandoned that precinct, thus leaving residents of Capitol Hill essentially defenseless.

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Interestingly enough, for a group of far-leftists that claim to hate borders, they protected their physical border with arms. They created the border with the abandoned barriers that police essentially gave them when the East Precinct was abandoned. There were even shifts of “protesters” (anarchists) patroling said border. The de-facto warlord, a rapper Raz Simone, was allegedly filmed beating protesters for not patroling properly.

Reports emerged from the “autonomous zone” detailing alleged extortion of neighbors not involved with the melee or “protests.” One of the group’s leaders allegedly committed a sexual assault not long after forming the zone.

Trump cannot do much of anything to stop the insurrection from advancing. That’s up to the city and state leadership including Jenny Durkan and Jay Inslee, respectively. After Trump tweeted with dissatisfaction about the Seattle insurrection, both Inslee and Durkan essentially told him to shove it.

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City and state leadership are clearly complicit with the lawlessness on Capitol Hill.

At least three Seattle city council members voted to reduce the budget for police by 50%. Far-leftist radical Kshama Sawant claimed the insurrection and take over as a victory against “the militarized police force of the political establishment and the capitalist state.” Sawant also unlocked City Hall, which was closed by the mayor, so the “protesters” could have access to it. And of course, they immediately occupied it.

Coverage of this case is much different than coverage of another “takeover” back in 2015/2016. LaVoy Finicum and other Americans “took over” a wildlife reserve in the middle of nowhere in the off-season when nobody was working there. For that, their group were labeled as far-right extremists. Some voices in the media even labeled them as terrorists.

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Many of the same publications that labeled Finicum as a terrorist are labeling the Freeattle anarchists occupying actual neighborhoods as a breath of fresh air. Many of these individuals in the CHAZ area are hardcore drug users and/or dangerous in general. There may be funny elements to the story, but trust and believe, it is not a game.

CHAZ is only six blocks as of right now, but that will most certainly grow if no action is taken against the lawless individuals occupying it. It’s time for the United States mainstream media and politicians alike to stop looking at far-leftist radical organizations like these as peaceful.

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