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Chicago Mayor CURSED OUT Over Looting Response!

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot found herself cursed out by City Alderman Raymond Lopez over her response (or lack thereof) to looting. Lopez, on a more than one hour phone call with the Mayor, complained that police resources were used improperly.

Riots and protests were allowed to flare up in Chicago after the George Floyd incident. To be more specific, the carnage centered around Memorial Day Weekend. Of course, all of the “protests” called for more police resources. Chicago Police were strained thin throughout the weekend as a result.

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Neighborhoods Plead For Help

City neighborhoods long plagued with gang violence were left defenseless. Well-known city activist Rev. Pflager reported people informing him that no police could be found amidst the gunshots and general carnage of their neighborhoods.

When all of the smoke cleared and all of the so-called “peaceful protesters” retreated back to their largely comfortable lives, a total of 27 people had been shot and killed. 18 people were shot and killed within one 24-hour period of time. That 24-hour period is the deadliest in at least 60 years since Chicago began to keep that type of record. All of this happened just over Memorial Day weekend.

Essential Language

Lopez may have used harsh language against Lightfoot, but it was necessary. Her response to the riots in Chicago was simply unacceptable. This is now a pattern. Lightfoot’s response to the virus was also unacceptable. What is the purpose of sending several squad cars to evict churchgoers from service on Sunday morning? Then, just a few days later, essentially allow the carnage to take the city over?

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None of her actions make any sense. Chicagoans should do some deep soul-searching and reflection. Residents of the city deserve more than Lori Lightfoot. They deserve a police force that is not hamstrung and forced to take priority for careless out-of-towners who don’t care that police cannot serve violent neighborhoods properly while they are there.

All residents of every place across the nation deserve elected officials that serve them, not the other way around.

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