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AOC Bashes Christianity While Debating The Issue Of Abortion

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, recently uploaded a video in which she bashed Christianity and the idea of life in the womb. The objective of her quick and erratic rant was to dispel the idea of life in the womb being the standard. AOC stated that several other faiths in the world do not recognize a child in the womb as “life” or “living”. While the majority of religious faiths in the world recognize life in the womb as life, AOC did not mention any religions that do outside of Christianity. Her attempt to defend “pro-choice” people came off more like a thinly-veiled attack against Christians and Christianity as a whole. This tactic, unfortunately, is nothing new.


RNC Research on Twitter: “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rants about how babies in the womb are not a life. “Oh… you’re harming a life, I believe this is life,” she says mockingly.” / Twitter

AOC recounts fearing she would need abortion after sex attack: ‘I at least had a choice’

AOC condemns ‘fundamentalist Christians’ who oppose abortion as ‘theocratic’ and ‘authoritarian’ — but pro-life folks aren’t having any of it – TheBlaze

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  1. Just more proof a rock is smarter than AOC and nothing she said about anything is the truth.
    She is only a sell out un American puppet of the deep state who yanks her chain telling her what to do every day.

  2. I really hate this lady. she embodies everything wrong in the usa. thinks shes italian always talkin with those hands and making weird faces for the camera. just lookin at her makes me wanna barf.


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